Power Purchase Agreements – A green hedge for large electricity needs

Wind power in Sweden took a surprising step in the second quarter of 2017, with 232 MW of wind power being committed for new projects. In recent years, Sweden has seen growing interest in traditional and renewable PPAs with large corporations such as Google and IKEA driving development of capacity and business models.

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Framework agreement between five parties

On Friday 10th of July, five Swedish parties reached a framework agreement on future energy policy related to electricity production. The five parties involved were the Swedish Social Democratic Party, the Moderate Party, the Swedish Green Party, the Centre Party and the Christian Democrats. They jointly represent 260 out of 349 parliamentary seats – in other words 74,5 %.

The agreement includes the transition to a renewable electricity system with the target of 100 percent renewable electricity production in 2040. A new target in the Certificate System of another 18 TWh of renewable electricity productionto be built to 2030. The agreement sets the frames for the ongoing parliamentary commission, the Energy Commission, which will continue its work laying to the details with a final delivery on January 1st 2017.

The agreement in full can be found here.


Important parliament decision related to the TGC system

The Parliament decision accepted the proposed upward adjustments to the demand quotas for the remaining years. The quota adjustments themselves can be split up in two parts, technical adjustments to secure target fulfillment at the planned expansion rate and an increase of the target level for 2020. The technical adjustments make up the bulk of the increase. As such both the existing owners and new investors should be able to expect increasing price levels.
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