Svensk Vindenergi / Breakfast seminar: Why Isn’t Ireland’s Electricity System Breaking Down?

Breakfast seminar: Why Isn’t Ireland’s Electricity System Breaking Down?

Enterprise Ireland and the Swedish Wind Energy Association (Svensk Vindenergi) are hosting a breakfast seminar on the case of Irish electrical grid stability and variable energy production on Thursday 9 March live in Stockholm. The seminar will also be broadcast via live stream. Registration is now closed.

Registration for participation in Stockholm, as well as online, is now closed.

Power system balancing is gaining importance in the climate and energy transition due to a higher share of wind and solar power generation. The Nordic countries are blessed with major hydro power resources, which can counterbalance both the variations in solar and wind power generation, and the electricity demand. With a lack of major hydro resources, Ireland must rely on other ways to maintain an instantaneous balance between supply and demand in the electricity system.

Ireland can currently handle up to 70 % variable renewable energy at any given time. Last year the country commenced an operational trial allowing for up to 75 % variable renewable energy on the electrical grid. This was claimed to be world-first. Ireland’s TSO EirGrid aims to increase this gradually to 95 % over the coming years leading up to 2030.

How does Ireland manage its grid stability with a large and increasing wind share, no sizeable hydro power and few interconnectors? What can Sweden and the Nordics learn from Ireland and vice versa? These issues are to be discussed in a breakfast seminar Wednesday 9 of March, arranged by Enterprise Ireland and Swedish Wind Energy Association (Svensk Vindenergi).

Key Participants

  • Daniel Badman, CEO, Swedish Wind Energy Association
  • Alexander Ohlman, Senior Market Adviser, Enterprise Ireland
  • Moderator: Magnus Olofsson, Smart Grid Expert and Fellow at Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences
  • Maja Lundbäck, Political Adviser Energy to Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden and Minister for Energy, Business and Industry
  • Austin Gormley, Ambassador of Ireland to Sweden


  • Eoin Kennedy, Head of Future Operations, EirGrid (Irish TSO)
  • Jonas Sunryd, Senior Business Development Manager, Ellevio Energy Solutions
  • Jesper Marklund, Team Lead Balancing Market, Svenska kraftnät (Swedish TSO)
  • Per Larsson, Director Planning and Optimization Nordic, Vattenfall
  • Paddy Finn, CEO, VIOTAS

The breakfast seminar will include a panel discussion, Q&A, and a networking session.

Seminar Details

Location: Swedish Wind Energy Association, Drottninggatan 33 in Stockholm, as well as online. 

Date: Thursday 9 March 2023 at 08:30-10:00 CET. Breakfast will be served for early arrivals from 08:00 CET. 

The seminar is free of charge and will be given in English.


Registration for participation in Stockholm, as well as online, is now closed.


For questions regarding the seminar, please contact:

Lina Kinning, Offshore, Energy Systems, EU & International, Swedish Wind Energy Association
+46 (0)70 190 86 53

Nicole Dreher Sköld, Head of Communications, Swedish Wind Energy Association
+46 (0)73 398 71 35