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WindEurope: Breaking new ground – Wind Energy and the Electrification of Europe’s Energy System

The decarbonisation of Europe’s electricity sector has been one of the most transformative changes in the economy over the last two decades. However, electricity is only about 24% of Europe’s energy consumption. And renewables account only for 30% of Europe’s electricity supply today. The vast majority of Europe’s energy remains fossil fuel-based.

Considering Europe’s remarkable potential for renewable power generation, a rapid electrification of the most carbon-intensive energy uses is the best and most efficient way to simultaneously decarbonise and grow Europe’s economy.

Integrating the power sector in heating, cooling and transport is the next big transformation in Europe’s economy. Coupled with advances in digitalisation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, a renewables-based energy system could become an engine of growth and technological leadership.

With this report, WindEurope puts forward two pathways for the electrification of Europe’s energy system, capitalising on the societal benefits of electrification.

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